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About Us

Our professed motto is the quintessential maxim 'SareeramAadyamKhalu Dharma Sadhanam' (body is indeed the foremost (for one) to accomplish (his) duties); passed down to us by the most revered Ayurvedic Acharyas of the yore lived in the "Onattukara" region of the Central Travancore, Kerala where the renowned festival of Kerala 'Onam had originated.


Ayurmadom has been blessed by a long lineage of dedicated seers of Ayurveda. The profound Ayurveda Vaidya predecessors of the Ayurmadom family have professed. protected and perpetuated this ancient science of health for the well-being of humanity.

Ayurmadom was founded in 1923 by Sri K G Kumaran Vaidyar (1900 – 1973) who established Vaidyasala (Ayurveda Hospital), Medicine Manufacturing and Ayurveda Training . The lineage was carried forward by his son Dr. K Mohandas (1940 – 1996), Retd DMO, Indian Systems of Medicine.

Sri K G Kumaran Vaidyar

(1900 – 1973)

Dr. K Mohandas

(1940 – 1996)