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Ayurmithra Health Club

On our mission of creating Ayurveda as way of life and making a healthy society, we have initiated Ayurmithra Health Club. The members of Ayurmithra Health Club will get special offers and discounts from Ayurmadom Ayurvedic Centre such as on treatment bill, pharmacy bill, room rent, etc.
There are Silver, Gold, Platinum membership plans to choose from
Club member benefits
· 15% discount on treatment bill
· 10-15% discount on IP room rent
· 5-15% discount on medicines purchased from Pharmacy
· Free monthly medical checkup
· No consultaion fees for speciality clinics


Ayurmadom AyurSparsh is our wing that deals with promotion of Ayurveda by associating with Star Hotels and Multi – Speciality Hospitals adhering to our mission of establishing Ayurveda as way of life.
We have started off AyurSparsh by associating with Uday Suites Garden Hotel, Shangumugham, Trivandrum.

Medical Insurance reimbursement

We provide medical insurance reimbursement facilities to our customers from all major insurance carriers.


Luxurious yet affordable homestay facilities.
Executive, Deluxe and Suite Rooms